Bankruptcy is a complex legal process that requires making critical decisions, timely filing the proper paperwork with exhibits and appearing before the federal bankruptcy court. SINGHA LAW GROUP is here to guide you through the entire process.


At Singha Law Group, we first counsel our clients on the bankruptcy process and help them decide whether it is right for them. We take a critical look at our clients’ debts and assets to determine if bankruptcy is the best path to help them. For instance, the bulk of client’s debts may be ineligible for bankruptcy protection, such as student loans and federal taxes and as such, other options will be examined.

If bankruptcy does appear to be the right solution, SINGHA LAW GROUP helps their clients compare the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 options. This is a critical decision and will involve examining the size and makeup of debts and assets clients are willing to risk in a bankruptcy, the clients’ ability to repay debts or a portion of debts, and many other considerations.

During the filing process, SINGHA LAW GROUP helps their clients gather and prepare the necessary paperwork, which largely focuses on client’s income, assets, debts and expenses. Once the documents are filed and the bankruptcy is in motion, SINGHA LAW GROUP will help the client file any additional necessary documents and timely respond to court deadlines.

Bankruptcy requires court hearings, including a meeting of creditors. SINGHA LAW GROUP represents their clients at these hearings and advocates to help their clients’ best interests. It is important to have an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of the court procedures and the bankruptcy trustees who have a lot of influence over the clients’ bankruptcies. These hearings could prove especially complicated especially if a creditor challenges the filing.

Throughout the process, SINGHA LAW GROUP is readily available when their clients have questions or need a consultation. A bankruptcy can be a challenging, confusing experience, but SINGHA LAW GROUP helps bring a measure of clarity and comfort and helps ensure that the bankruptcy serves its chief purpose, helping our clients regain their financial footing.

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